House Rules


  1. The premises are unmanned therefore any queries / requests should be directed to Telford & Wrekin Council, Estates and Investments team 01952 384333.
  2. Please work quietly and be respectful to other occupants.
  3. Please clean up the kitchen after use and wash/ dispose of your own cups.
  4. Please leave washrooms in a clean and tidy condition.
  5. Please do not smoke or vape on the premises.
  6. Please do not bring flammable items/ electrical items to site ( except for IT equipment).
  7. Please ensure that you do not allow persons to tailgate into the premises.
  8. Do not allow access to another unless within your booked meeting.
  9. Do not share your door access code with another.
  10. The doors will be locked at 9pm please ensure that you have vacated by this time.
  11. Do not leave personal belongings on the premises.
  12. Please do not use the first floor accommodation unless you are able to exit the space un- aided in case of emergency.
  13. NB there is only stair access to first floor seating, conference room and meeting rooms.


  1. There are NO on site Fire Officers, you are responsible for your own safety and must ensure that you are able to exit the premises in the case of a fire/ alarm.
  2. Should you be aware if smoke/ fire please raise the alarm by hitting the fire break glass / call 999
  3. Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits, plans are available at the entrances to the property.
  4. If the Fire Alarm sounds please make your way out of the building by the nearest fire exit.
  5. Do not re- enter the premises until the Fire Authority allow you to do so.


  1. Should you have any emergency security issues please contact Business Watch Guarding,, 01952 582092


  1. There may be no First Aiders on site, please call Emergency Services as required.
  2. First Aid supplies are located in the kitchen at ground floor and telephone quiet room at First Floor.

We hope that you enjoy the work environment that we have provided, should you have any suggestions please contact us at